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  Applied Biochemists
Shocktrine™ granular
Shocktrine™ non-chlorine granular shock oxidizer removes contaminants that cause odors, skin irritation and cloudy water. It will not increase CYA levels, bleach liners or affect the pH. Shock and swim in minutes with Shocktrine™ granular.

This fast-acting formula does double-duty. It removes existing metal stains and sequesters metals in the water to prevent new stains from forming. Metal stains and scale are quickly removed or lightened from pool walls while equipment is protected with professional-strength chelating agents. Swimming can resume immediately after treatment.

  Aqua Silk
Aqua Silk™ Chlorine-Free Shock Oxidizer
This chlorine-free liquid formula contains a specially-stabilized hydrogen peroxide to clarify pool water by oxidizing organic compounds completely and efficiently.

Algimycin™ 1000 algaecide
This copper/quat formula eliminates the toughest black algae. Its patented triple-chelation process holds copper ingredients active in solution for longer algae control. Swimming can commence immediately after treatment.

Filter Fresh™ filter cleaner
This specially developed acid-based liquid cartridge cleaner removes debris overnight. Regular treatment with this soak-and-rinse formula helps filters operate at maximum efficiency.

GLB™ Super Charge
GLB™ Super Charge is 68% Active Calcium Hypochlorite granular formulated especially for super chlorination shock treatments. GLB™ Super Charge contains 65% minimum available chlorine.

GLB™ Super Charge II
GLB™ Super Charge II is a highly effective, multi-purpose product that sanitizes, prevents algae and shock treats your pool. It is convenient, easy to use and won’t over-stabilize your pool. Contains 47% available chlorine.

GLB™ SuperSonic
GLB™ SuperSonic is a highly effective multi-purpose product that sanitizes, clarifies, prevents algae and shock treats your pool. With 73% available chlorine, this granular product is convenient, easy to use and won’t over stabilize your pool water. The fast-acting formula can be used on all pool surfaces, does not contain cyanuric acid and leaves no residue.

Oxy-Brite™ non-chlorine shock oxidizer
Oxy-Brite™ non-chlorine shock oxidizer creates sparkling water and shock treats in one step. Containing DuPont™ Oxone®, a powerful oxygen-based oxidizer, its powerful formula rids pool water of contaminants that cause odor and irritation, and brightens and clears the water with unique blue water brightening crystals.

Shoxidizer™ shock oxidizer
Shoxidizer™ shock oxidizer is a 4-in-1 proprietary blend of DuPont™ Oxone®, a powerful oxygen-based oxidizer, and a dry clarifier. This unique formulation provides the benefits of oxygen-based oxidation while boosting free chlorine concentrations. This one-two punch keeps water sparkling clear and clear by eliminating organic contaminants.

  Leisure Time
Bright & Clear
Developed especially for hot water treatment, this clarifier utilizes unique polymer action that neutralizes and removes dirt, soap, oily films and suspended particles for clean, fresh water.

Reserve & Renew™ System
More and more spa owners desire a chlorine-free, odor-free, hassle-free spa experience. Reserve & Renew™ system is a 100% chlorine-free sanitizing system that is as effective as chlorine without any of the potential downsides of other non-chlorine systems.
Reserve & Renew™ system. Everything you want in a chlorine-free treatment. And none of the hassle.

This 20% poly-complex kills, removes and prevents black, green and yellow algae. A special blend of algaecides for treatment, coagulants for fast removal and filter aids for maximum clearing makes Quash! super effective.

Pool Specialties Black Robacide
Copper-based formula controls black algae. Also controls other resistant algae forms. Swimming can resume immediately after treatment.

Pool Specialties Power Blast® granular
Pool Specialties Power Blast® granular is specially formulated for super chlorination shock treatments (minimum 65% available chlorine).

Pool Specialties Power Blast® II granular
Pool Specialties Power Blast® II granular kills bacteria, destroys organic contaminants and controls algae. Shock treat your pool with Pool Specialties Power Blast® II granular for crystal clear water.

Scum Digester® enzyme treatment
Enzymes remove oils, lotions and organics for the prevention of scum lines, filter clogs and cloudy water.

Super Blue® clarifier
America’s best-selling pool water clarifier clears cloudy water fast, prevents hazy water from recurring, improves filter efficiency by removing dirt particles and allows for swimming immediately after treatment. Plus, the thick, highly concentrated formula won’t clog filters, is effective at varying temperatures, won’t affect pH balance and can be used with all filter types and sanitizing systems. Only 1 ounce treats 5,000 gallons!

Ultra Quick Swim® shock oxidizer
A non-chlorine shock oxidizer that instantly reduces contaminants, eliminates odors and brightens dull pool water.

S.O.S. is a multi-functional shock treatment that oxidizes and boosts free chlorine concentrations creating clean, clear water fast. Its unique formulation contains a powerful clarifier, oxidizer and chlorinating agent and will not affect the water’s pH, total alkalinity or calcium levels.

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